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      Our mission at St. Andrew Catholic Church is to become saints.


      Following the example of our patron, St. Andrew, with humility we seek to:

      Hear God’s call through the truth of the Catholic Church

      Respond in love with acts of charity and mercy

      Grow continuously through the sacraments and daily prayer and

      Proclaim the Good News through our vocation.

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      Message from Father Jack

      April 13, 2014



      Dear friends,

      We have begun the week during which we remember the horrible events that led to such a great victory. We remember the triumphal entry into Jerusalem by Jesus, Christ the King, entering His city on a donkey and lauded by all as He passed. He is the King of Peace entering the city of peace which in just a few days will show forth the wrath of this world towards the One who is Peace, Love, and Mercy incarnate.

      During this week we enter into the mysteries from which our Faith flows. Holy Thursday we are in the upper room with Jesus and His disciples as He institutes the priesthood and the Eucharist. He says to them, “As I have done so you shall do.” And then later, “Take this all of you and eat of it, for this is my body which will be given up for you.” He helps them to remember the things that He has done. The wonderful witness of the Father’s love was given to them in the person of Christ as He walked with them throughout Galilee and now is made intimately present to them as He washes their feet. After this manifestation of His great, humble love for His disciples He then gives them the Sacrament of His love, His body and blood. But how could He do this? No one had ever heard of such a thing before. How wonderful this mystery of His love that He gives us His very life; Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity.

      Good Friday we are there. We are there when they crucify our Blessed Lord. We come to the cross and venerate the wood on which our Savior died for love of us. We enter into the suffering with our Lady as she stood at the foot of the cross. We hear our Lord forgive His persecutors, “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.” How powerful these words of forgiveness as we hear them said to us for all the many trespasses we have committed against Him. 

      Holy Saturday we enter into the silence of the tomb. It is dark and utterly silent. Everything seems lost, yet something is different, to be changed forever. In deep sorrow we ponder the passion and death of our Lord. 

      Then at the Easter Vigil, in the stillness of the night, we come to see the light, the pillar of fire that will dispel all darkness and lead us to the glory of the resurrection. 

      Come and experience the wonderful mysteries of our salvation.

      Fr. Jack D. Shrum


      For more of Father Jack's reflections click here


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