Emmanuel Food Pantry

The mission of the Emmanuel Food Pantry is to extend love of God in a special way to those in crisis through distribution of food and services.
We do so by encouraging regular donations from our parish community. We serve people regardless of race,religion, or other personal factors in the area of Sumner. We seek to provide a welcoming environment for all who come for help and offer compassion and respect in all our interactions. 

Who are we?
We are a staff of volunteers with a desire to help others and serve. 

What programs do we run? 
We have family program for distributions of food and support services. 
We have a senior program with delivery of food and necessities to three senior housing facilities in the immediate Sumner area. 
We coordinate a backpack food program through local schools for children in need. 

How are we supported?
We receive donations of food and dollars from parishioners. 
We purchase food from several local grocery outlets at discounted prices.
We make use of the emergency food network supplies.
We get support from St.Andrew Men's Club,St.Andrew Altar Society and members of the parish.
We receive donations from other area churches to help support our back pack program.
We qualify for govenment grants.

How can you support and help? 
You can volunteer to help deliver food.
You can help pick up food we purchase. You can pick up free food from companies that donate to the pantry. 
You can volunteer to bag and distribute food on the days food pantry is open to public. 
You can volunteer to help with any specific program of your choice - Easter,Thanksgiving and/or Christmas Baskets, Giving Tree 
You can continue to make donations of food and dollars. 
You can keep us in your prayers. 
Food Pantry Hours - Tuesdays 10-12, Wednesdays 3-6, Fridays 10-12 
The Emmanuel Food Pantry is located on the north side of the Church, between the Church and the Outback building. 
For any questions or if you would like to make this part of your stewardship for St.Andrew, please call:

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